Stakeholder Presentation

  • During our final block of time (Tuesday 12-2pm) you will formally present your findings to the class and the stakeholders.
    • This means you’ll need a set of slides. Probably no more than 10.
  • Aim for 15 minute presentation. Leave 10 minutes for questions.
  • Be sure to include limitations and next steps.

Reflect and recap on the project experience

Learning isn’t complete (really, it never is) without reflecting on your practice. There are a lot of positive and challenging aspects to a group project. Some stick with us into professional collaborations, some tend to be limited to classroom-based group dynamics.

Write a reflective summary of your project experience, where you are the center of attention (not your teammates).

  • What did you learn about yourself in this process?
  • How did you find this particular experience working with a partner/group compared to other experiences?
  • What do you think you did well, and what could you have done better?
  • What would you want to tell your Week 2 self?
  • What learnings, habits or thoughts will you take forward with you to your next adventure?