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Learning Path

Where we’ve been

  • Starting to build a personal website using R tools

Where we’re at

  • Introducing blog style websites to your toolkit
  • Revisiting the question of “What is Data Science” and exploring your DS Niche.

Where we’re going

  • Creating a data strategy to a address a business question.

Goals for the week

  • Connect to the current state of Data Science.

Tuesday: Finishing websites

We’ll finish creating testing websites using Distill and Blogdown/Hugo using these notes

Thursday: What is Data Science?

You’re here, so obviously you have some interest in DS. But let’s get a little more concrete about your desires, examine the field a bit more, and start dipping our toes into the online professional world of DS.


DDS Ch 1, 16

Learning Objectives

  • Describe a hype cycle
  • Identify current DS researchers of note.
  • Discuss how the expectations of a Data Scientists have changed in the last decade
  • Visualize the bigger picture of DS
  • Start your plan for success


Topic Assignment Location due_date
Creating a professional website Distill website demo Github Classroom 2022-02-07