• Don’t forget weekly project updates via PR to the class repo. I’m not getting notifications, so please ping me in Discord when you create the PR.

  • Knit all of your notes & homework from ISLR. I find that I like being able to pull ya’alls repo’s and review the compiled html instead of reading code.

    • I’ll still comment back in the feedback branch in github.
  • A note on Ch5 resampling assignment.

    • play around with different testing/training splits
    • check multiple measures of fit: False positive/False negative rates, ROC, accuracy, balanced accuracy
    • don’t ignore error messages


  • NSC Poster session abstract submission (link) session ends “April 18th, or when space is full.”
    • MOST people turn their abstracts in last minute, so let’s get ours in next to last minute.
    • GOAL Have your draft to me by EOD Thursday 4/14 (sooner the better). I will review and have back to you by friday 4/15 AM.
      • Write your abstract in google or word so I can use track changes.
      • After you review & revise, submit asap.
  • Next Tuesday 4/19 is next client share out. Please schedule this between 9:30-10am (or before if you want to use that time in class to collaborate on the project).
    • These will be separate share outs, so plan on having the full 30 minutes of time to work with them.
    • Plan to go over your abstract with them, and an idea for the poster. At least. You can talk more with them as you see fit.

In class schedule

  • I’m waiting to hear back from someone that may help us get more out of the reading discussions. I don’t think i’m doing a good job at holding space and encouraging a variety of voices. We keep hearing from the same folks repeatedly, so I want to step back and consult with faculty who are experts/professionals on moderating these types of critical conversations.
    • Still write your responses in HackMD by Thursday
  • Let’s start talking over Tree based models on Tuesday


  • A set of topic questions for you to answer and a corresponding assignment has been added to your ISLR repo. You’ll have about 2 weeks to work through these topics
  • The next/last topic is Unsupervised learning, which we’ll start in week 14.