• Team Money 🤑 For the DataFest Win!! 🏆 🎉.
  • Some gradebook updates have been completed.
    • Using the readme as a place for commenting on blog posts.
  • Race as a high impact predictor reflections.

Thank you for reflecting on this article in your Learning Journal. I have selected not quite randomly a variety of thoughts and opinions from the class on each of these prompts and posted them on [Week 8 pages]. My goal is to share out informally the wide perspectives that even this small class contains.

Tuesday: Projects & reading reflections

  • Project report out. 10-15 minutes for each project to talk with their science team. This is done as a whole class to see/learn what each other team is working on. It is expected that you are a good audience member while the other teams are presenting.
  • Discuss Race after Technology - Default Discrimination:

Thursday: Model selection and regularization

  • (Monday night update) - By EOD Tuesday i’ll have the Ch 6 videos and exercises pushed to your ISLR repo.