• Thank you for patience & understanding with me missing class last week.
  • If you get no/partial credit for an assignment that you want to redo or complete you can do so but then send me a link directly in Discord to the thing to review and an explanation of what it is you want me to regrade.
    • This could be a URL to hackmd, or a repo, with a specific line number.
    • The burden to minimize my effort in finding and regrading your late work is on you, since it’s late.

Learning Path

Where we’ve been

  • Practicing the role of a consultant to solve a problem.

Where we’re at

  • Starting to work with a real client in an organized and professional manner.

Where we’re going

  • Statistical modeling from a DS perspective.

Goals for the week

  • Complete your data security training
  • Obtain your consulting project repo from github classroom. Link in Discord. Review the instructions in the readme.
  • Set some ground rules and team workflow guidelines to ensure project success.
  • Chat with Dr. D to discuss first steps.

Data Security Training

You will be dealing with potentially sensitive data, and so a basic understanding of data protection standards is a must for anyone working with data.

  • Review the information on this page
  • Complete the Data Security and FERPA (Non-Level 1) training through CSU Learn
  • Send a copy of your certificate to Dr. D. via Discord

Tuesday: Intro to SQL

What is SQL?

It’s easier than you may think

It’s amazing how many jobs want you to know SQL, and how comparatively EASY it is to learn once you know dplyr.

This tweet…

was in response to this tweet…

which showed this image

Practice (Homework)

Go to and work through the interactive tutorial up until lesson 12. Screenshot your answer for the last exercise and send to me via Discord.


Thursday: Reading discussion