This page contains links to additional notes, including the class collaborative notes via HackMD and a sampling of additional books are reference items. Additional contributions to these lists via github pull request welcome!

Other / Uncategorized notes & reading materials

Race against Technology

These links go to our collaborative HackMD notes.

Additional readings on Ethics & Algorithms

Introduction to Statistical learning

We are working through the text Introduction to Statistical Learning (ISLR), answering questions collaboratively in HackMD, and completing assignments in a github repository. Here are some learning material resources for this textbook.

Model Selection

There are MANY model types and engines. Here are a few searchable tables

Other refs on Data Science

Note - many of these books are links to a Tweet where the book is promoted/discussed. I leave the tweets in there so you can 1) see the entire context of the post, and 2) you can learn more people involved in the DS world that you may want to follow.