This is the course website for MATH 485 - Advanced Data Science course taught by Dr. Robin Donatello in Spring 2022 at California State University, Chico. This landing page is used for posting of regular announcements and information for students of the class.

This course aims to help students navigate the evolving and murky waters of the Data Science landscape. We do so by not only providing training in advanced programming and technical skills, but also by providing opportunities for collaboration with other disciplines and reflection on how Data Science impacts human society.

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Weekly Overview

Week Date Topic Learning Objectives Prepare
Week 1
Notes 01/25 Getting started Get connected to the class learning tools
01/27 Creating a professional website Create an professional online presence
Week 2
Notes 02/01 Current state of Data Science Connect with the current state of DS

Read Doing Data Science (DDS) Ch 1,16

Have last weeks tasks completed except Hugo/Blogdown. Get a start on Distill.
Week 3
Notes 02/08 Statistical Inference, Exploratory Data Analysis, and the Data Science Process Create a data strategy to address a business question. Read Doing Data Science Ch 2
02/10 Project Introductions
Week 4
Notes 02/15 Thinking like a Data Scientist Collaborating with others on writing a report Project planning Professionalizing your data products
02/17 Setting the stage for the reading Being open to new ways of thinking and viewing the world Read Race after Technology (RAT) Preface & answer questions in learning journal
Week 5
Notes 02/22 SQL Wrangle and aggregate data from multiple tables using a universal language
Project Orientation Do a needs assessment and create a scope of work for your project.

Pull your github repo according to directions in Discord. Review the README.

Complete your Data Security Training
02/24 The New Jim Code Understand what the New Jim Code is and how it impacts our society Read Race after Technology Introduction answer questions in HackMD
Week 6
Notes 03/01 What is Statistical Learning?

Read/watch [ISLR Ch 1] before class on Tuesday.

Pull your ISLR github classroom repo.

Prepare Chapter 2 answers per Week 6 notes. Finish all questions before Thursday.
Project Update your timeline with measurable deliverables by next Thursday project report out.
Learning Reflection Reflect on new learnings, and self-assess your classwork efforts.
Week 7
Notes 03/08 Linear Regression Write a tutorial for your website on how to use Tidymodels to build and assess a linear regression model. Data & Topic is your choice. Skim ISLR Ch 3. Start on the Tidymodels lab.
Engineered Inequity Read RAT Part 1 (Engineered Inequity) and answer discussion questions in HackMD
Project 10 minute class and client update
Week 8
Notes 03/22 Classification Pull an update to your ISLR repo. Read/watch ISLR Chapter 4 content & prepare answers to questions to discuss in class. We’ll spend half the class each day on this topic.
Race as a predictor Critically examine policies used to predict student success Read the article, Major Universities Are Using Race as a “High Impact Predictor” of Student Success. Reflect on this reading in your learning journal. Some reflection prompts are in Week 8 notes. Be prepared for a short class discussion on Thursday
Week 9
Notes 03/28 Resampling methods Read/watch ISLR Chapter 5 content & prepare answers to questions to discuss in class. We’ll spend half the class each day on this topic.
03/31 Cesar Chavez day No class on Thursday
04/01 DataFest (Optional) 48hour data analysis competition. Make new friends, compete for prizes and bragging rights. Eat lots of free food. Register at
Week 10
Notes 04/05 Default Discrimination Read RAT Part 2 and answer discussion questions in HackMD. We’ll discuss in class on 4/05
Week 11
Notes 04/12 Tree based methods ISLR Ch 8
04/14 Coded exposure Read RAT Part 3 and answer discussion questions in HackMD
Week 12
12 04/19 Project Client report out
Updates from the world of DS. Check back in with the people that you started following at the
Week 13
13 04/26 Preparing for Poster session Solid draft poster due by EOD Tue for feedback and revision. Practice presentation on Thursday. Ready for printing by Friday.
Week 14
Notes 05/03 Technological benevolence Read RAT Part 4 and answer discussion questions in HackMD
Week 15
Notes 05/10 What’s next?
Technical Communication Prepare a technical contributed blog post, tutorial, or story for the Data Science Initiatve website.
Retooling Solidarity, Reimagining Justice Read RAT Part 5 and answer discussion questions in HackMD
Notes 05/17 Project Presentations Communicate your project as parts/whole of the data science lifecycle to a scientific, but non technical audience. Formal 30 minute stakeholder presentations. 12pm - 2pm. (15 minute presentation, 10 minute discussion / Q&A)
Project wrap up Clean up & prepare your repository for ‘hand off’


Topic Assignment course_obj Location Due
Week 1
Getting Started Join the Discord Server. After you agree to the code of conduct you will be able to select DATA-485 as your role which will grant you access to our class channels. Post an introduction: Name, What is one thing you want us to know about you? Introduce your pets and/or favorite items. Discord Join Link 01/26
Send Dr. D github username Post in Discord #class-chat 01/26
Accept invite to github classroom Email? 01/26
Join HackMD - sign up via github and put your name here as a test HackMD Test file 01/26
Update R Studio & all relevant packages. Or consider doing a fresh install of R. It’s nice to clean house on occasion, just not if you’re in the middle of a different project. Web 01/26
Ensure that your Rstudio can push and pull to github Happy Git with R 01/26
Accept assignment for grades, clone that repo to your local computer and check out the data and report script Github Classroom 01/28
Setup a Learning Journal and send Dr. D the URL Send via Discord 01/26
Creating a professional website R Markdown website demo. 2 Github Classroom 02/02
Week 2
Creating a professional website Distill website demo 2 Github Classroom 02/07
Blogdown website demo 2 Week 2 notes 02/07
Current state of Data Science What is DS collaborative notes 6 HackMD What is DS 02/03
Learning Journal entry: What is your DS Niche? - What is your skillset? Your domain? - Where do you want to grow? 7 Your Learning Journal & Google sheets (Link in HackMD) 02/07
Find someone on Twitter that is in the DS realm that seems interesting to you. Post their twitter handle in Discord and a tweet of theirs that you find particularly interesting (and tell us why it’s interesting to you) 7 Discord 02/04
Read and comment on at least one of your classmates posts 7 Discord 02/07
Personal website with 1 blog post about something you found interesting lately by writing up a summary/demo/whatever. Share with URL to Discord 2 Your website / Discord 02/11
Respond/reply to blog post - in Discord 6 Discord 02/14
Week 3
Forming a mathematical model to a business question. Real estate case study: Stakeholder report (draft) 5 Github Classroom 02/15
Project Rank your interest in the project proposals from 1 (most interested) to 3 (least interested) with justification in your learning journal. Learning Journal 02/13
Week 4
Race after Technology Preface: Reflection questions in Learning Journal Learning Journal, Reading iscussion guide 02/16
Forming a mathematical model to a business question. Real estate case study: Final Stakeholder report. Evaluation rubric in week 4 notes. 5 Send final report to Dr. D via Discord 02/21
Project Complete data security training. Week 5 notes 02/28
Week 5
SQL Work through the SQLBolt interactive tutorial up until lesson 12. Screenshot your answer for the last exercise and send to me via Discord. 5 SQL Bolt 03/01
Race after Technology Read Introduction and answer assigned question in HackMD. Will discuss as Jigsaw discussion in class. HackMD Reading Intro Jigsaw Notes 02/23
Project Obtain shared private repo. Follow instructions in README Github classroom link in Discord. Pay attention to naming request. 02/21
Submit a PR to ADS website with student team roster on your assigned project page Github repo for this class webpage 02/23
Week 6
What is Statistical Learning? ISLR Ch2 Notes & Exercises ISLR Repo - ch2-statistical-learning 03/07
Tidymodels Learning Tidymodels ISLR Repo - New file 03/07
Project Edit your project page to adjust or add to the timeline and milestones sections. Update the NSC Poster session date to May 2nd. ADS Website 03/02
Learning Reflection Learning journal reflection - 1) What new information have you learned so far in this class? 2) Are you putting your best effort into your work? Learning Journal 03/07
Week 7
Race after Technology Read Part 1: Engineered Inequity & answer discussion questions HackMD Notes 03/08
Project Classwide & Client project share out 03/10
Linear Regression Leverage your knowledge of linear models and write a tutorial on how to fit a regression model in the Tidy models framework. The data and model you fit is your choice. Your blog website 03/21
Peer review Review another classmates tutorial and provide comments & feedback in Discord. Is there something that isn’t clear? Did you spot a mistake they can fix? What did you find helpful & useful about their tutorial (be specific) Discord 03/24
Tidymodels Walk through the Tidymodels tutorial: “Preprocessing your data with recipies”. ISLR Repo - Create a new file for this 03/21
Week 8
Classification ISLR Ch 4 - Notes ISLR Repo 03/28
Classification ISLR Ch 4 - Exercises ISLR Repo 03/28
Race as a predictor Read the article, Major Universities Are Using Race as a “High Impact Predictor” of Student Success. Reflect on this reading in your learning journal. Question prompts are in week 8 notes. Be prepared for a short class discussion Learning Journal 03/24
Week 9
Resampling methods ISLR Ch 5 - Notes ISLR Repo 04/04
Resampling methods ISLR Ch 5 - Exercises ISLR Repo 04/04
Learning Reflection Returning to the learning bridge Learning Journal 03/29
Project Project updates ADS Website repo 03/30
Week 10
Race after Technology Read Part 2: Default Discrimination & answer discussion questions HackMD 04/05
Project Formal client share out 04/05
Project Weekly project updates ADS Website repo 04/06
Week 11
Race after Technology Read Part 3: Coded Exposure & answer discussion questions HackMD 04/14
Project Project updates ADS Website repo 04/13
Tree based methods ISLR Ch 8 - Collaborative notes ISLR Repo 04/25
Tree based methods ISLR Ch 8 - Practice Exercises ISLR Repo 04/25
Project Write a poster abstract (1600 character limit) and send to Robin to review. Google Docs or MS Word 04/14
Project Submit your reviewed & revised abstract to the NSC Poster session. Google submission form 04/15
Week 12
Project 9:30-10am (separate) Project share out with science team. Share with them your abstract and goals for poster. Zoom / in person 04/19
Project Weekly project updates ADS Website repo 04/20
DS world update Update the class with something new in the DS world you’ve found out or learned about this week. Check back in with the people/projects that you talked about at the beginning of the week. What are they up to this week? Post in Discord #class-chat 04/22
Week 13
Project Project Poster - Very solid Draft for peer review Project repo 04/26
Project Project Poster - Practice talk In class 04/28
Project Project poster - Printable version Project repo 04/29
Week 14
Project NSC Poster Session Colusa 100A/B 05/02
Race after Technology Read Part 4:Technological Benevolence & answer discussion questions HackMD 05/03
Technical communication Contributed blog post for the DSI website - draft 05/13
Week 15
Technical communication Contributed blog post for the DSI website - final 05/20
Learning Reflection Post semester reflection Learning Journal 05/12
Race after Technology Read Part 5: Retooling Solidarity & answer discussion questions HackMD 05/10
Project Final project presentation for stakeholders Google docs 05/17
Project Preparing your project repository Github 05/20
Project Reflection Write a reflective summary of your project experience. Prompt questions on week 16 of the course website. Learning Journal 05/20